Making the World Better, One Ragdoll At A Time!

On behalf of the DeWolfe Family,
we regret to inform you that
Peter & Cindy DeWolfe have passed away
in late July 2018.

The DeWolfe Family appreciates your
support of their Mother and her love of the breed.

Mr. Mark Schidler of Calirags is fostering Mom’s babies
and is helping in finding them new Furrever Homes.
Please contact Mark for more information:

We have Kittens Available!

Dazzledolls Spice Me Up was our first Ragdoll in 1998. Without meeting Spicy we would not be Razl Dazl Dolls. She is a very sweet, loving girl who gives hugs and kisses. She transformed our lives and hearts into Ragdoll Loving People.

She produced big, loving babies. Shadow and Bizkit, are our homegrown girls you will see on our pages.

Spice is now Happily Retired with a wonderful woman named Elaine, in Southern California, who just adores her. Spicy deserved to be placed in a home, where she is “Boss”, where she is the only cat and “loved” to pieces. Thanks Elaine for bringing joy and happiness to our Spicy in her new life with you and your family

Zac of Razl Dazl Dolls, our Blue Mitted Male.

He is the perfectly marked, laid back, gentle boy, and he produces kittens with his brilliant blue eye color and docile, floppy personality.

He is our Supreme Grand Champion and has also received TICA’s 3nd Best Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll for 2006 for our SW Region.

We are so proud of you Zac!

Kittens are never caged in our Cattery!!! We are constantly trying to improve the breed and our bloodlines. We do rigerous testing of our ragdoll cats, DNA testing for the known HCM genes, and all are negative.

We also Ultrasound for heart, kidney and liver health in our parents, to insure we are sharing healthy kittens, Making the World Better, One Ragdoll at A Time. We are very involved in our Ragdoll Breed Clubs, so we keep up to date on new techniques and issues that concern our Ragdoll Breed.

We have Seal, and Blue, as well as the rare colors and patterns of Lynx, Red and Tortie Points. My favorite being the Seal Bicolor.

We are breeding our cats to be large and healthy Ragdolls. The females, when fully grown, can average 10-14 lbs, the males can get as big as 15-20 lbs. and more.

See below the slide show with some of our “Razl Dazling Purrecious Moments”


Our Ragdoll cats are large and docile and we like our motto:

We here at Razl Dazl Dolls invite any questions and comments to better inform everyone on this WONDERFUL BREED!

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