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Thank you for visiting our Retired Ragdolls Page. We like to place our retired Ragdolls in loving homes where they are the center of attention. We strive to place them with families that don’t have a lot of hustle and bustle, small children or other pets because they deserve to be in an environment where they can be relaxed and free of stress. Hope you agree with us…

Raggle2Dazzle Kush of RazlDazlDolls

Kush is our handsome blue bicolor boy that is now retired and with his new family near Palm Springs. He is from our friend Addie from Rags2Dazzle Ragdolls and we thank her for letting us bring him into our hearts and home. He is such a love, depicting the Ragdoll breed, loves to be held like a baby and kissed, very floppy and passed that onto his kittens. We miss our boy but know it was his time to be “just a kitty” and it was the best decision we could make for him.

Zac of Razl Dazl Dolls

Our Blue Mitted Male, is one of our Supreme Grand Champion and has also received TICA’s 2nd Best Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll for 2004/2005 for our SW Region and 2005/2006. We are so proud of you. I need to thank Rebecca Sheppmann and Laurie Hart of Stellarhart Cattery for entrusting us with Zac. He is the perfectly marked, laid back, gentle boy, and he produces kittens with his brilliant blue eye color and docile, floppy personality. He is retired now and will be with us FURREVER!

Razl Dazl Dolls Ruby Tuesday

Is another home grown girl, a red bicolor beauty. She has the temprament of her father, Razl Dazl Dolls Cherry Bomb and also his looks! Razl Dazl Dolls Regan her mother, combined with Cherry gave her blue blue eye color, nice boning, nice type and her loving attitude. We had sweet kittens from Ruby, but she just does not like being a mama.

Regional Winning Quadrupale Grand Champion
Celticragdolls Taloose

TICA’S 14th Best Long Hair in Southwest Region 2009-2010
TICA’S Best Seal Lynx Mitted Ragdoll for 2009-2010
This Fabulous boy, we are ever so proud of, is such a lover! He is a long, tall, muscular boy, pictured here at 13 months old. He loved to get kisses and loved to show off at the TICA cat shows, purring, rolling and flopping on the table for the judges, getting up and trying to head butt for kisses and makes everyone laugh and say aww, when they meet him. We are very happy to have had Taloose in our breeding program. He made us sweet, healthy, large sugar coated kitties to share with you! His daughter Amelia is here to carry on his love. Thank you so much Janie of Celtic Ragdolls for such a wonderful example of the Ragdoll breed. Taloose is now with our good friend Christie (check our links page) from Beach City Ragdolls. He is very happy and so much loved with Christie. Its all about sharing the love!

Champion Echoglen Yahtzee

is now retired and living in Ocean Side with his new daddy Ron and his wife Maryann. He is an only cat and is spoiled rotten and loved ever so much! We are so happy to have had Yahtzee be a part of our family and bring us such beautiful kittens. Lullaby is his son and will carry on for his daddy and make sweet, beautiful kittens to share with you! Thank you Laura for such a nice boy!

RW QGCh Razldazldolls Deja Vu

is now retired and loved very dearly by Nancy. He is very much missed here at home, but we know he is happy being “just a cat” in his new home. We miss you Deja!!!

CH Royalty Rags Calayo of Razl Dazl Doll

He is a cream mitted lynx boy that was shown by Laura and Kris Nielsen and received his Champion status, as well as, Best Cream Mitted Lynx for the SW Region and he is TICA’s Best Cream Mitted Lynx for 2003-2004. He is a very sweet boy, with the most beautiful captivating blue eyes, great type and long elegant, large body and exquisite temperament and loves to cuddle and will bring us many gorgeous babies that are sweet, playful and loving, just like he is.
A Special thanks to Royalty Rags for producing such a fine example of our breed and to Kris and Laura Nielsen for entrusting us with Calayo. He is now retired and living the life of luxury with his new family.

Montanas Principe Da Aninha

His favorite thing is to have his belly rubbed, and he tells you all about his day as you love him. Prince is now neutered, but has made us some fine kittens to share with you, but one exceptional one is RAZLDAZLDOLLS CHERRY BOMB. Prince will be forever in our hearts, even when he is with his new family in San Angelo, Texas. Thank you Angie and family for taking Prince into your hearts and home!

Celticragdolls Stevie Nicks Rockson 

Is now retired and lives with her new mommy Stepheney in New York. She was a very good mommy and shared some very loving, sweet and healthy kittens for us and others. We will always love our Stevie!

Furreal Munequita of Razldazldolls

Is now retired and living the life with her new Meowmy Kathy in La Verne, CA. Moony is a seal tortie bicolor that gave us many gorgeous kittens, including Cherry Bomb. Principe da Aninha is Cherry’s father. We will miss Moony, but we know she is spoiled and loved by Kathy.

RagPrides’s Lou Lou of Razl Dazl Dolls

aka, “Toulouse” is a red mitted boy that is now retired and living and traveling with a sweet lady named Joyce. She pampers him and he loves her back 10 fold. She often tells me. “Cindy, Lou is not great, he is AWESOME!” See we are making the world better, one Ragdoll at a time.

Razldazldolls Charlie Ray

Is now retired and we are going to miss her so. She is the daughter of our Celia and Yahtzee, a sweet sweet, big girl who gave us many nice kittens. China Girl is one we chose to keep and continue her awesome temprament and size. She will live in our hearts forever!

Razldazldolls Princess Puddles

Is a seal tortie girl who is now retired and living in Temecula with her new kitty friend Lucy and new mommy JoAnn. She is loved, pampered and very happy. She brought us sweet kittens, Deja Vu & Regan are two of her babies. We miss her so…but know she is happy with her new family!

Triple Grand Champion Cherry Bomb

Is our sweet boy who loves to be held like a baby & give kisses. He is a star on the first of the “Good Life” Cat Food Commercials. He is very outgoing and greets you at the door kind of guy. He is now living with Rose in Glendale and being spoiled and loved thouroghly. We miss him so!

Razl Dazl Dolls Elusive Shadow

Our blue bicolor girl from our first Ragdoll litter. I was owned by her, not the other way around. She has been a true friend since the day she chose me. She often chewed on my hair or tapped my head with her paw to tell me it was bedtime. She did not like people food, except milk, whip cream or ice cream and she could smell it and come running from the other side of the house. She was a fabulous mother, and would let anyone of the kittens suckle, and groom them, no matter how old or if they were hers. She was spayed at 8 years old and had developed mammary cancer. She continued to be healthy for the next 5 years. Below is a picture of her with one of her kittens and our boy Thomas O Mally when he was a kitten. Shadow is in my heart and part of me FURREVER. She was born on February 22, 2000 and left us to do God’s work on March 4th, 2013. We know she is doing great things beyond, probably grooming and nursing the little ones who left before her. <3 I Love you my Shadow!!! She was my Furrever Friend!

Celtic Ragdolls Thomas O Mally
2006-2007 TICA’s Best Seal Colorpoint of The Year
TICA SW Best Seal Colorpoint of the Year.
TICA SW 15th Best Longhair Cat of the Year

Thomas is a seal point male from our best friend Janie of Celtic Ragdolls. He is a loving boy with great boning and wonderful type and personality. He was raise here at Razl Dazl Dolls and we had so much fun showing him. He loved to preform for the judges and often was rolling on the table for toys and belly rubs. He made us some beautiful, sweet kittens! We miss Thomas, as he is now with another breeder, Julia Dent. Thomas is now bringing her sweet babies to be loved. He will be a FURREVER part of our hearts and our love of the Ragdolls!

Ch Rockabilly Rags Cynnful Sundae

Is from our daughter’s Lindsey’s cattery. She is a seal mitted beauty. She is a large boned big girl with wonderful type and size. She was loved, shown and raised by our good friend Laura of Echoglen cattery, and she named her Cynnful Sundae. Cynny came home to us and had another litter and then retired. She was a very good mama and has a very good temperament. She is a very outgoing, large girl who will be a great Furrever Friend for Rita in Mission Viejo. Thank you both for loving our girl!!!

RW SGC Razl Dazl Dolls Lullaby
7/24/09 to 2/26/13
2010-2011 TICA SW Best Seal Bicolor
SW 2nd Best Long Hair Cat
TICA SW 7th Best Cat
TICA 2nd Best Seal Point Ragdoll of the Year
TICA 12th Best Ragdoll in World

We say Good-bye to our loving boy Lullaby. He was an old soul, sweet and purring every minute. He loved to show and always was happy with his tail in the air or rolling on the judging table like a kitten… making us and the audience laugh. He was Loved by our friend Kristi of Big City Rags, Ohio and we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of him and Loving him as much as we do! He will FURREVER be in our hearts and minds, as we are so very proud of him and know he made an impact to everyone who met him. I see his sweet face now and hear his chirping purr…and know is is over the Rainbow Bridge, happy and healthy once again!

Victorian Treasure Purple Haze

Aka “Jimi” Hendrix, is a lilac (true) bicolor boy that is ever so dashing and brings new color to our breeding program. He is a very large boy, with good boning, wonderful attributes of the Ragdoll to bring to our kittens. Thank you Kelly for our sweet boy!!!

Razl Dazl Dolls Victoria Secret

Our homegrown, sweet baby blue bicolor girl from some of our first Ragdoll Lines. She is extremely cuddly, has wonderful size and strong boning and traditional features we love in our Ragdolls! She has captivating blue eyes like her mother Megan, both are now retired.

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